Our recovery room is designed to bring members and visitors a high-quality recovery service. Whether you are wanting to recover from a hard leg session or treat it like a spa and simply relax after a stressful day, we have the facilities for you. We have an Ice Bath which can go as low as 2 degrees.

Ice baths have huge physical and psychological benefits to the body. When you enter the ice bath, your blood vessels vaso-constrict and blood flow is prioritised to the vital organs and drawn away from the muscles. However, when you get out, your body vaso-dilates meaning blood vessels rapidly reopen allowing blood to flush waste products out of your muscles whilst also providing your muscles with oxygen and nutrients.

This massively reduces soreness and fatigue from training and helps to prevent injuries. Psychologically the benefits speak for themselves - cold water allows you to focus on your breathing, which is inevitably becomes deeper, and reduces anxiety. Although the ice bath is chlorinated, much like a swimming pool, and the water is changed frequently, all users MUST shower before entering the bath.

We also have an Infrared Sauna in the recovery room which has the following benefits: improved sleep, relaxation, detoxification, relief from joint pain and muscle soreness, and improved blood circulation due to the body vaso-dilating.


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