Welcome to Muscle Bound Gym

Muscle Bound Gym is a brand new 17,000 sqft gym conveniently located at Unit 3 Beckside Business Park, Beckside Road, Bradford, BD7 2BR.

We pride ourselves on providing an unrivalled training experience. When it comes to the equipment, music and the overall atmosphere we are second to none. Regardless of your goal or starting place everyone is given a warm welcome.

Whether you are a bodybuilder, powerlifter, or you just want to get in shape and build some muscle or improve your fitness and overall health, we have every piece of equipment imaginable and more. Our gym has a friendly and positive environment.

From entry to the gym floor onwards, everyone wants everyone to succeed - positivity breeds positivity. We also offer additional services, specifically a recovery room with an ice bath and sauna which will take your recovery to the next level. We also have an on-site Physio and Barbershop as well as a range of supplements and our own clothing range.

Join us online today with no joining fee & beat the price increase, saving £90. This won't be around for long & will NOT be repeated.


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