When it comes to equipment we have spared no expense. Instead of bulk buying all of our equipment from one brand we have invested in the best pieces from the best kit suppliers including Prime, Atlantis, Hammer Strength and many more top brands.

We have also gone above and beyond by continuously tracking down the rarest and most sought after pieces of gym equipment ranging from the Flex Leverage line, to the original Cybex plate loaded range (including all 3 plate loaded leg machines so you can grow some tree trunks). To those who are unfamiliar with these pieces, they are undeniably the best biomechanically designed machines that exist. Therefore, whatever your goal is, these machines will help you get there at a faster rate and also provide you with more versatile and varied workouts to keep your training fresh and enjoyable.

Muscle Bound Gym is here for everyone; whether you are a Bodybuilder, Powerlifter or you just want to get fit and build some muscle, we have got you covered. We will continually invest in new kit and expand indefinitely so all of our members and visitors have access to the most up-to-date equipment as well as a selection of the classic machines that are simply timeless. 

These are the brands we currently have in our gym:

Prime - plate loaded, hybrid range and benches.

Atlantis - plate loaded and pin loaded.

Nautilus - Nautilus Xpload plate loaded, the majority of the Nautilus Nitro range and the new Nautilus leverage and inspiration machines.

Hammer Strength - plate loaded and pin loaded.

Cybex - OG plate loaded, Cybex Eagle and VR3.

Pendulum Strength - plate loaded.

Flex Fitness - Flex leverage plate loaded line. 

Arsenal Strength - plate loaded.

Life Fitness - cables and select machines.

Free weights:

Rogue - competition squat rack, competition bench press, competiton calibrated plates and bars and cast iron plates, plus a selection of strongman equipment.

Hammer Strength - full squat racks (one extra tall for standing shoulder press) and deadlift platforms.

We also have our own custom branded dumbells from 2.5kg to 100kg.


Star Trac treadmills, bikes, cross-trainers, concept 2 rowers, stair masters.


Back area


boxing area


Chest Area

gym overview

Rogue plates

The unit before any work started


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